Employers, Agencies and Immigration: Paying for Care.

Employers, Agencies and Immigration: Paying for Care.

Ashgate, Aderlshot, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-4724-3321-3

From the cover:

Exploring the performance by immigrants of domestic and care work in European households, this book places the employer centre-stage, examining the role of the employer and his or her agents in securing the balance between work, family and welfare needs, as well as investigating both who the employers are and the nature of their relationships with migrant workers.

With attention to the dynamics of inequality, as class, ethnicity and gender become intertwined in a location that is at once home and workplace, this volume is organised into sections that deal with the subjectivities of employers and their relationships with their employees in the home; the re-organisation of welfare and care arrangements at state level; and the wider area of migrant domestic and care work, with the transformation of the au pair scheme.

Bringing together the latest empirical work from across Europe, Employers, Agencies and Immigration will appeal to social scientists with interests in migration, ethnic and class relations, immigrant labour and domestic work and the sociology of the family.

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